Shopping mall and shop cleaning services in Copenhagen!

We offer professional cleaning services to shops and shopping malls of every size.

We offer comprehensive cleaning services which help our customers to maintain their premises impeccably clean on a daily basis! We offer cleaning services in and around the city of Copenhagen.

We offer specialized cleaning services!

With our help, your commercial premises will always be exceptionally clean and neat, therefore you will always make an excellent impression on your customers, no matter when they come to visit you. Premises are cleaned scheduledally based on a pre-agreed schedule. We offer scheduled cleaning of premises. When they arrive, our cleaners will dust every surface – the easily-accessible and the difficult one, clean windows and walls, wash the floors and vacuum the carpeting. Our cleaning team will clean all the premises, including the common use kitchen, customer and employee rest areas, sanitary facilities, replace hygiene articles, sort and remove waste. We use manual and mechanical cleaning methods, depending from the surface of coverings.

Scheduled cleaning of premises according to your individual needs!

Our cleaning team can take care of the cleanliness and tidiness of your premises from early morning till late night, 7 times a week (we work on weekends and on public holidays). Depending from the size of your premises, cleaners can remain there the whole day or the required number of hours. We are flexible in terms of human resources, therefore the cleanliness of your premises can be attended to by single cleaner, or a few cleaners at a time.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products!

In order to achieve maximum efficiency and speed of our cleaning works, we have arranged for all the necessary cleaning products and appliances which may be needed when cleaning and arranging your premises. If you prefer, we can use your cleaning products. Where necessary, we can provide all apartment cleaning services using green products.

We perform continuous quality control of our cleaning services!

The on-site work of all our cleaners is supervised and coordinated by service quality specialist who performs daily control of the quality of our cleaning services. Our service quality specialist is in direct contact with a representative of the premises which are being cleaned, hears out all requests and helps resolve any issues which may arise regarding service quality or scope.

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    We adapt to your individual needs, you can choose the scope, frequency, timing of cleaning services and schedule services delivery in the way most convenient to you!

    Our services include

    Floor vacuuming and washing

    Carpet vacuuming and washing

    Window washing and cleaning

    External and internal cleaning of cabinets

    Kitchen equipment cleaning

    Flower watering

    Equipment dusting

    Waste removal and sorting

    Chemical cleaning of sanitary premises

    Move in / move out cleanings

    After-builders cleaning

    Periodic cleaning

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