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    Private cleaning - when there are too few hours in the day

    Do you have difficulty getting your home clean in a busy day? Or are you not a fan of cleaning, and would you rather let others do the daily cleaning for you?

    At Cleaning Masters, we offer cleaning for businesses and private cleaning in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We are happy to take care of all cleaning in the home, and we always provide with a tailored solution for you that matches your need for cleaning help. It is solely your choice how thoroughly we should clean and how often we should come.

    With our help, you get the feeling that there are several hours in the day, and you do not have to constantly have a bad conscience that you have difficulty of getting your home clean. We will simply do it for you.


    Do you want us to take care of your private cleaning?

    Cleaning Masters has more than 6 years of experience in the cleaning industry. You can therefore safely leave the cleaning of your house to us.
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    Professional cleaning company for private homes

    In our cleaning company, there is not a single cleaning task that we can not solve to perfection.

    Whether you dream of a spotlessly clean bathroom, a living room free of dust, freshly cleaned windows, we are happy to put an experienced and skilled employee on the task.

    We have been dealing with private cleaning for more than 6 years, and we have lots of happy and satisfied customers in the directory. Do you just smile at the thought that you can avoid worrying about cleaning your home? Then we are ready to give you a hand and take the cleaning burden off your shoulders.

    You decide how often you want your home to be cleaned by us

    It is not our needs to be covered when you book us for cleaning in your private home. It is your needs that are at the center.

    We are always happy to send an employee to your home when you are looking for and need help with your private cleaning in Copenhagen. This applies whether it is total and in depth cleaning, periodic cleaning by fixed agreement, cleaning for just one time or ad hoc cleaning.

    You decide how often you want us to make your home spotless. You are always welcome to call us.

    Order the cleaning services you need, and in a few hours we will transform the rooms you live in and relax into cozy oases of very clean rooms.

    Our services include

    Floor vacuuming and washing

    Carpet vacuuming and washing

    Window washing and cleaning

    External and internal cleaning of cabinets

    Kitchen equipment cleaning

    Flower watering

    Equipment dusting

    Waste removal and sorting

    Chemical cleaning of sanitary premises

    Move in / move out cleanings

    After-builders cleaning

    Periodic cleaning

    One-time cleaning - when you have a party

    Are you going to have a bang of a party in your private home? And do you get exhausted just at the thought of having to clean it yourself the next day?

    Cleaning Masters are ready to lend a hand with our one-time cleaning. Allow yourself to pull the plug the next day and digest the good experiences the party has given you in your luggage. Then we make sure that your home will appear clean and inviting again.

    Cleaning when renovation and construction is finally over

    It is great to have craftsmen visit and have the home renovated. They are usually good at cleaning up after themselves, but the cleaning is typically at your own expense.
    If you can not bear to clean up after visiting a painter or carpenter? At Cleaning Masters you can order craftsman cleaning from us at any time. We will make sure that you can enjoy your new bathroom, your new conservatory, or whatever your craftsmen have conjured up in your home.

    Cleaning as needed

    Are you looking for cleaning for private homes that you can call once in a while when the need is there? Then you have landed in the right place.

    Ad hoc cleaning is also one of the cleaning services we offer – and we are happy to move out with a broom and bucket when you call us.

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    Cleaning after rental

    Have you rented out a room, a house or an apartment? And will there be new tenants soon? Then it can be a bigger task to make the home appear presentable and spotlessly clean.
    If you call us for cleaning after rental, you will not have to worry about the hassle. And you can rest assured that there will be no complaints about the standard of cleaning.

    Main cleaning - when the home needs a thorough and deep cleaning

    Does your kitchen need an extra thorough cleaning? Or is it a long time since you did a head cleaning in the bathroom?
    Then it is also a task we like to take care of. Where we have to put our focus is your choice. We help with head cleaning all the places in your home where you see a need for it.

    Periodic cleaning help - when you want a permanent agreement on cleaning

    Are you looking for help to get your home clean once a week? Once every 14 days? Or maybe once a month? You can always make a permanent agreement about periodic cleaning help with us.

    It is entirely up to you how often we have to come by to vacuum and swing the dust cloth. Of course, you are also in control of what exactly you want our help with. Whether it is a superficial cleaning of your entire home or a more thorough cleaning of, for example, the bathroom and kitchen.

    With our help, you can go on weekends with a clear conscience on Friday afternoon and avoid spending most of your weekend dusting and scrubbing toilets.


    Consideration of customers’ property is a high priority with us, and our activities are therefore covered by a liability insurance.

    If our employees damage your property, the insurance will compensate your property damage.

    Skaisté Korsaké

    Private cleaning - prices everyone can be with

    It is not expensive to get our help for private cleaning. On the contrary. In our cleaning company, we run with competitive and customer-friendly prices. In our eyes, everyone should be able to afford private cleaning.

    It can help to give more time for the important things in life. Are you curious to know more about our prices on private cleaning? Then we are always happy to prepare an offer for you.

    It is of course free and without obligation to receive an offer for cleaning from us. Are you in doubt about what type of cleaning to order? Then we are always ready with guidance and good advice.

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    Cleaning at your home

    Would you like to give it a shot to get cleaning help in your private home? Then we are only one call or one email away. You are also always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our services, prices or something completely different.

    You can write to us at Then we will get back to you soon with answers to your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and to assisting you with private cleaning.