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One-off apartment cleaning in Copenhagen!

We are aware that even a well-maintained apartment occasionally requires some help.

If you are preparing to receive guests, holding a party, or simply want the space of your apartment to shine with impeccable cleanliness, but are too busy and have no time to take care of the order at your home – the one-off apartment cleaning service is exactly what you need. We offer apartment cleaning services in and around the city of Copenhagen.

If you require one-off apartment cleaning – we are at your service!

One-off apartment cleaning is a life-saver when you need to turn you apartment into a presentable and tidy space. We encourage you to book the cleaning services you require, and we will transform the spaces of your apartment into an oasis of cosiness and cleanliness in just a few hours. We offer comprehensive cleaning services in facilities of every size – from a single-bedroom apartment to a three-storey residence or townhouse. When you book a one-off apartment cleaning service, you will be able to enjoy the cleanliness and cosiness of your home and will not have to worry about investing your time into dusting or floor cleaning.

For your convenience, our cleaners will take care of the cleanliness of your entire apartment, they will meticulously vacuum and wash the floor, clean dust – even from the surfaces that are difficult to access. If necessary, they will clean your windows, bathroom and kitchen equipment, clean the balcony and perform other apartment cleaning works. One-off apartment cleaning includes the cleaning of all rooms, the kitchen, the WC and the bathroom.

We guarantee your apartment will be put in order and cleaned with particular care and quickness!

The desired level of order differs from one apartment to another, therefore the scope and the timing of our cleaning services are discussed on individual basis so that the expectations of every single customer are met in the best possible way. We urge you to choose from the range of the cleaning service packages offered by our company, or you are free to opt for the services tailored to your exact needs.

Our teams consist exclusively of employees with excellent and impeccable reputation!

The trustworthiness of our employees is very important to us, therefore, every member of our team has been checked by the police. Before hiring an employee, we always obtain a police certificate that the employee has a clean record and is of impeccable repute. That’s how we make sure that our team does not cause the slightest inconvenience to our customers and is able to guarantee appropriate service.

Enjoy exceptional cleanliness and order in your home every day!

You can conveniently and quickly book our cleaning services over the phone or simply by filling-in the service order form. The price of the cleaning services depends from the size of the premises and your preferred scope of the works.

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    We adapt to your individual needs, you can choose the scope, frequency, timing of cleaning services and schedule services delivery in the way most convenient to you!

    Our services include

    Floor vacuuming and washing

    Carpet vacuuming and washing

    Window washing and cleaning

    External and internal cleaning of cabinets

    Kitchen equipment cleaning

    Flower watering

    Equipment dusting

    Waste removal and sorting

    Chemical cleaning of sanitary premises

    Move in / move out cleanings

    After-builders cleaning

    Periodic cleaning

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